How Does TVC Pro Driver, Inc. Help Your Business?

The Majority Of CDL Drivers On The Road Today WILL Get A Traffic Ticket This Year.  As An Industry Professional, You Already Know When Truck Drivers Are Issued A Moving or Non-Moving Traffic Violation, It Will Take Time Away From Their Delivery And Money Away From Your Business

We Can Help With:

Safety Audit Preparation

FMCSA Safety Audit

SMS Reports

Entrant Audits

Corrective Action Plans

We All Know It's In Your Best Interest To Keep Drivers On The Road.  BY Offering TVC Pro Driver, Inc. As An Added Benefit, Your Drivers Will See Your Company As The One Providing The Reward.

If You Have Been Looking For Ways To Drive Costs Down And Improve Your Driver Recruiting And Retension Success, We Have the Answers!

With TVC Pro Driver, Inc., Your Drivers Have An Ally On Their Side and YOU Have A Partner to Help Keep Your Business Going Strong!  All You Have To Do Is Enroll, WE Will Do The Rest Of The Work For You!!

As The Oldest , Most Established Legal Representation Service In The Trucking Industry, We Are Dedicated To Protecting your Drivers, Their Rights And YOUR BUSINESS!

How Does TVC Pro Driver, Inc. Help Your Drivers?

We Make It Easy For Your Drivers To Sign Up For A TVC Pro Driver Membership, And When They Do, They Are Siging Up For Dedicated Support From An Extensive Network Of Lawyers.  TVC Pro Driver, Inc Is Proud To Partner With Local CDL Expert Lawyers, Nationwide, So Your Drivers Can Access LIVE Councel Any Time They Need Legal Assistance.  We Also Have A Full Time CSA Department Ready To Help!  Our Legal Team, CSA Department Along with Our Many Other Benefits Keep America's Truckers On The Road!!

TVC Pro Driver, Inc. Members Receive Free DataQ Challenges For Dismissed, Amended And Reduced Violations Handled

By TVC Provider Attorneys.  

When We Fight A Ticket For You That Results In A Challengeable  Reduction, We Will Perform A Free DataQ Challenge When The Citation Is Accompanied By The Corresponding  Inspection Report. 

TVC Pro Driver Inc. Has a 100% Success Rate On CSA Challenges

A Bad CSA Score Or A Bad PSP Report Can Cause You As Much Trouble In Your Business As Points On An MVR.  When We Perform A Free DataQ Challenge To Help Clear Up A Driver's PSP Report, Resulting In A Positive Change To The Company's CSA  Score.



TVC Pro Driver, Inc. Is NOT A Referral/Insurance Agancy That Will Not Be Familiar With CDL Issues.

Our Truck Lawyers Have The Experience With The Entire Trucking Industry, Which Is The Reason Why We Have An Unprecedented Success Rate, Second To None!

Get The Job Done Right The First Time!

Protect Your  Drivers And Your Company Today

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